The Artist


Farrah Lee was born in Detroit, MI and raised in Southfield, MI. As a child I was surround by fashion and beauty, leaving me no choice but to develop a passion for fashion and a love for beauty. Even though I lived with millions of ideas in my head on what I wanted to contribute to the world of glamor, I had no direction. As a teenager I was very timid and lacked confidence. I was to afraid to express my creativity with the world, intimidated about the idea of failure. I shelved my ideas and joined the rest of my peers in the normal lane.

It wasn’t until I grew up and moved out on my own and experienced the “real world” I grew enough courage and confidence to pursue my dreams. I became fearless and unstoppable in my quest to build my empire. I want to build something that will teach young ladies that its more to just knowing how to apply makeup and putting together an outfit. I want more young ladies to think outside of the box and show individuality. I want them to make a statement that speaks louder than any words. Most importantly I want young ladies to have a sense of self worth.

“I believe that as women we need to encourage each other and promote each others growth.”